Zynex Inc.

January 14th, 2022 Innovative Companies

ALPORA Global Innovation

January 2022

The American company Zynex Inc. is a global manufacturer of medical devices. Through its three subsidiaries, it sells electrotherapy products that help improve the lives of patients with functional limitations or intractable pain. Electrotherapy devices are used for neurological diagnoses, physical rehabilitation, pain management, and cardiac monitoring.

Focus on Innovation

The innovation focus is concentrated on the development of new medical devices and systems. For example, the new NexWave device combines three proven modalities IFC, TENS, and NMES that have been used for over 30 years to help patients manage their pain symptoms. Zynex products are intended for home use.

Another innovation is the 100% non-invasive Zynex Fluid Monitoring System (CM-1500). This is designed to monitor circulating blood volume in patients and detect adverse fluid management. A patient’s physiological parameters such as heart rate, skin temperature, bioelectrical impedance, electrocardiogram (ECG), etc. are constantly monitored with the CM-1500. Such an invention for continuous data and patient monitoring is a valuable addition for doctors and nurses. In doing so, the company is aligned with the health megatrend and contributes to improving postoperative outcomes with its precise diagnostic tools. At the same time, costs for care can be reduced.

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