Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

October 15th, 2021 Innovative Companies


October 2021

The U.S.-based Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. provides life science solutions, analytical instrumentation, specialty diagnostics, laboratory products, and services worldwide. The diverse product portfolio is available for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, government, environmental, other research, and industrial markets, as well as clinical laboratories.

Focus on Innovation

The innovation focus is on the development of new high-tech products and services for a wide range of laboratory applications. The Laboratory Products and Services segment offers scientists and researchers collaborative platforms, workflow planning software, automated incubators, and robotic automation solutions. In addition to automating workflows, the supplier of scientific applications also wants its digital lab solutions to increase efficiency and productivity without compromising data quality.

In the spirit of sustainability, Thermo Fisher is committed to reducing its environmental footprint through greener shipping and by redesigning and minimizing packaging. Since refrigerated transport is one of their biggest environmental impacts, the company has chosen 100% paper coolers as an environmentally friendly alternative to expanded polystyrene (EPS) coolers. Likewise, the goal is to develop packaging solutions that maximize freight density and thus consume less fuel per truckload.

Financial Report – Highlights of the 2nd Quarter 2021

The U.S.-based technology company Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. generated revenue of $9.27 billion in 2Q2021, up from $6.92 billion in 2020. This corresponds to an increase in quarterly sales of 34%. Organic sales growth in the base business was 27%, acquisitions increased sales by 2% and currency conversions increased sales by a further 5%.

For the second quarter of 2021, U.S. GAAP operating income was $2.16 billion, compared to $1.39 billion in the year-ago quarter. U.S. GAAP net income was $1.83 billion in Q2 2021, compared to $1.16 billion in the year-ago quarter. GAAP diluted earnings per share increased 59% to $4.61 in the second quarter of 2021, compared to $2.90 in the year-ago quarter. Free cash flow of $1.6 billion is about the same level as in the prior-year quarter.

Following positive Q2 2021 results, Thermo Fisher raises its 2021 sales and earnings guidance. The company’s revenue guidance is increased by $300 million to $35.90 billion, representing 11% revenue growth over 2020. The company raises its adjusted earnings per share guidance by $0.10 to $22.07, representing 13% year-over-year growth.

Marc N. Casper, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Thermo Fisher Scientific commented as follows: “We are in an excellent position at the midpoint of the year and on track for an outstanding 2021.”

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