Stroeer SE & Co. KGaA

November 16th, 2021 Innovative Companies

ALPORA Innovation Europe

November 2021

Stroeer SE & Co. KGaA from Germany, based in Cologne, is a provider of out-of-home and online advertising and provides advertisers with individualized, and fully integrated premium communication solutions. In addition, the company offers branding, digital publishing, marketing, advertising, and other related services.

Focus on Innovation

To achieve greater reach in the cities, Stroeer is focusing its innovation on investments for the continuous expansion and conversion of the regional network. Its public video network now consists of around 5,500 digital advertising spaces at transport hubs such as train stations, shopping centers, and main roads in major cities. The Stroeer Group also markets around 300,000 out-of-home advertising spaces and several thousand websites. As a driver of the digitalization of out-of-home in Germany, Stroeer is also committed to smart and sustainable communications infrastructure to trigger local, sustainable change. Their city information systems are part of an urban information network in public spaces, and a component of many smart city approaches in numerous cities.

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