The investment objective of this fund is to achieve capital appreciation by investing in shares of innovative European companies (incl. Switzerland) or those that have the predominant part of their economic activities in Europe.

All companies that have a proven innovation capability qualify for the stock selection. The evaluation criteria include different quantitative aspects, such as R& D spending. The relevant factors are continuously adapted to the latest research results.

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The ALPORA Innovation Europe Fund was set up in October 2014 and invests in European stocks. The fund is denominated in euros (EUR). Parallel to this, a CHF-tranche is available.

The portfolio selection is based on the ALPORA method, which values innovative corporations according to their innovation efficiency. The innovation efficiency of the companies leads to higher returns, which essentially has a positive impact on stock prices of the corresponding companies. This analytical approach is based upon academic research, encompassing solely quantitative criteria. Stocks are selected in a three-stage process using a large number of measurable innovation indicators. In a further stage, AMG Fondsverwaltung AG analyses the financial strength of the companies selected, and picks the 30 strongest stocks. Common valuation criteria for this selection are of secondary importance, meaning that companies in early growth stages may also be considered.

The investment objective of the fund is to outperform the MSCI Europe Total Return NET Index benchmark. The market risk may be reduced by holding up to 20% cash.

The ALPORA Innovation Europe Fund is suitable for private as well as professional investors. The fund is essentially suitable for investors with a long-term investment horizon. Subscriptions and redemptions in the fund are settled through the custodian bank each day at the NAV in EUR or CHF.

Fund DomicileSwitzerland
Fund ManagementLLB Swiss Investment AG, Zürich
Depositary BankBank J. Safra Sarasin AG, Basel
Trust Administration AMG Fondsverwaltung AG, Zug
Fund CategorySwiss Securities Fund
Reference CurrencyEUR
Emission Comissionnone
Start Date01.10.2014
ISIN, Valor (EUR Tranche)CH0248877885, 24887788
ISIN, Valor (CHF Tranche)CH0302271066, 30227106
Profit Sharingnone
Comparison IndexMSCI Europe Total Return NET
Valuation per16.08.2019
Performance (seit Okt 2014)+76.1 %
Tranche EUR A EUR 1'761.11
Performance EUR A (YTD)+18.1 %
Tranche EUR B EUR 1'760.23
Performance EUR B (YTD)n/a
Tranche CHF - abgesichertCHF 1'908.05
Performance CHF (YTD)+18.1 %
Total Assets (Mio.)EUR 108.3
Monthly reportJune 2019
Halfyear reportHalfyear report 2019
Annual reportAnnual report 2018
Fund Prospect(Fund Prospect)
Key Information Document - PRIIP -Tranche EUR A(Key information for investors)
Key Information Document PRIIP Tranche CHF(Key information for investors)
Key Investors Information Document - KIID Tranche EUR A(Key information for investors)
Key Investors Information Document - KIID Tranche EUR B(Key information for investors)
Key Investors Information Document - KIID Tranche CHF(Key information for investors)