For investors and financial institutions, we offer individual and comprehensive services to identify particularly innovative companies in indices and conduct individual portfolio-checks of existing investments. Our services include suggestions for optimization to ensure an improvement in income.

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Private Equity companies have a large number of companies their investment portfolio. The ICA method checks these portfolios in accordance to innovation criteria. Innovative companies are being identified and recommendations are made for less innovative firms.

In average, top innovators achieve a 3.4% higher EBIT on average. With the ICA method, ALPORA identifies TOP and POOR innovators in the portfolio of private equity firms and highlights potential around technology and innovation management. Private equity companies can use this information in order to obtain an effective and independent evaluation of the innovative power of all companies in the investment portfolio. The stronger the innovation, the greater the chance of an above-average increase in performance in EBIT, cash or share price development.

For companies with a weaker innovation score, ALPORA delivers suggestions and recommendations for action in order to improve the innovation performance. The review should be repeated on a regular, annual basis to verify the effectiveness of the recommendations and to identify implementation weaknesses quickly.