Osaka Organic Chemical Industry Ltd.

February 17th, 2022 Innovative Companies

ALPORA Global Innovation

February 2022

The Japanese company Osaka Organic Chemical Industry Ltd. produces and distributes organic chemicals. The product portfolio includes esters, organic synthetic chemicals, and specialty chemicals used in various applications such as paper, coatings, cosmetics as well as electronic products such as liquid crystals. These high-quality materials are essential for smartphones and tablets, for example.

Focus on Innovation

Its innovation activities focus on three core business areas: 1. the precise synthesis of chemical compounds 2. monomer synthesis and 3. polymer synthesis. These are three steps in the synthesis process. For the core technology acrylic acid ester, all three technology areas are combined and used. The aim is to develop new products by combining the three technologies. Research is being carried out, for example, on special materials for semiconductors and next-generation LEDs.

The first two divisions of the R&D system focus on R&D in the three existing core business areas and on the development of new business areas. The third division is concerned with production technologies such as reducing production costs and reducing environmental impact.

Every month ALPORA presents an ALPORA Top Innovator for each innovation fund. For each company, a detailed innovation analysis was carried out based on the ALPORA-Methods and the resulting innovation efficiency score was determined.