Mueller Water Products, Inc.

February 17th, 2022 Innovative Companies


February 2022

US-based Mueller Water Products, Inc. manufactures and markets products and services for the transmission, distribution, and metering of water. Specifically, it offers a wide range of water infrastructure and flow control products for use in water distribution systems, water, and wastewater treatment plants, gas distribution systems, and fire protection piping systems.

The product and service portfolio includes engineered valves and fittings, hydrants, pipe fittings, metering equipment, leak detection, and pipe condition assessment. Operating in two business segments infrastructure and technologies the company helps municipalities to increase operational efficiency, improve customer service, and prioritize capital expenditures.

Focus on Innovation

The innovative company is increasing investments in its product development capacities, thus placing the innovation focus on the accelerated development of new products and services. The expansion of its technical staff also plays an important role in this, as the new products are to be sold in diverse end markets. Another innovation focus is the development and implementation of a fully integrated intelligent technology platform for infrastructure testing, monitoring, and control. Mueller Water Products, Inc. has introduced a new software platform, Sentryx, that uses smart data to help water utilities make strategic and operational decisions. It uses real-time data and analytics to more efficiently manage and repair aging infrastructure.

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