Luna Innovations Inc.

December 20th, 2021 Innovative Companies

ALPORA Global Innovation

December 2021

The US company Luna Innovations Inc. develops and manufactures technology products based on fiber optics and terahertz. The product portfolio includes optical technology products. In particular, optoelectronic and fiber optic test products as well as fiber optic sensors. In addition to the telecommunications and photonics industries, its customers include defense agencies and government systems integrators.

Focus on Innovation

The company’s innovation focus is concentrated on the incremental development of fiber optic sensor solutions. Fiber optic sensor technology is an ideal solution especially for the automotive and aerospace industries, which use composites and other advanced materials for lightweight construction. This is because the innovative measurement technology provides important measurements and data that are not available with conventional methods. Thus, the Luna Labs business segment offers fiber optic measurement solutions regarding design validation of battery systems, structural testing of buildings to the improvement of material joining processes.

To develop global solutions in the three research groups Biotech, Materials, and Systems, the company works together with government and private organizations. With its vision “Enabling the future with fiber”, Luna Innovations is following the megatrend of digitalization.

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