Better Return on Innovation

Invest in Innovation

ALPORA is an investment research firm, which creates new products, based on the most innovative companies in different sectors and regions. Our offering includes a unique, transparent and scientifically based evaluation model, which allows a variety of tailor-made solutions for our customers.


A Big Opportunity For Investors

The individual innovation capability of a company is important for its long-term and sustainable success. Innovation capability includes several areas, such as the strategic alignment of business areas, the implementation of an innovation culture, internal and external processes and of course the development of new products, services and business models.


Exceling benchmark indices

The ALPORA Analytics method may constitute as a basis for an objective investment decision and for different portfolios, indexes or specific recommendations. Proposals for weighting and detailed calculations can help to optimize portfolios, plus flexible rebalancing concepts, which form the basis for an optimum performance of the investment.


Unique, Objective And Transparent

ALPORA assesses the innovative capabilities of companies based on a variety of different, measurable innovation indicators. The ALPORA Analytics approach is predicted on scientific research and provides a comprehensive picture of individual innovativeness of companies, which forms the basis for the innovation ranking of companies.

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