ALPORA Asia Innovation Index 30

The ALPORA Asia Innovation Index 30 (ALPXAI30) is created by ALPORA and is calculated daily. The ALPORA Asia Innovation Index 30 reflects the market performance of the thirty most innovative companies listed on the Asian-Pacific Stock Exchanges (Developed Countries).

The Index is equally weighted and to reflect the market performance from a fund management perspective.


Index Details

Index Methodology:

The ALPORA Asia Innovation Index 30 is based on the companies listed on the Asian stock exchanges in developed countries. Only countries according to the Asian OECD country list are considered. The companies have a market capitalization of more than EUR 500 million. The portfolio selection is performed once a year. All 30 companies in the index are characterized by a particularly high innovation efficiency, which was determined using the ALPORA method.  

Exclusion criteria for companies are sales of more than 5% of sales with alcohol, gambling, tobacco or military as well as companies from the financial sector. 

Data Sheet

Index Information

  • Type of Index: Europe theme index
  • Theme: most innovative companies in Asia
  • Market: Asia-Pacific, developed countries
  • Currency: EUR
  • Base date: 2016-07-01
  • Base value: 100
  • No. of constituents: 30
  • Weighting: equal weighted
  • Frequency of calculations: end of London business day
  • Rebalancing: quarterly