The Innovation World Large Caps fund was launched in December 2019 with fund domicile in Luxembourg and invests globally in innovation-efficient companies in the developed markets. The largest global companies with a market capitalization of more than 5,000 million USD (US-Dollar) are considered for selection. The fund is managed in USD; an EUR tranche is offered in parallel.

Investment in great innovation efficiency, worldwide

The portfolio selection for Innovation World Large Caps was carried out based on ALPORA’s innovation selection together with AMG Fondsverwaltung AG.

For the global fund, the largest companies worldwide were screened in a first step using ALPORA’s innovation efficiency score: Except for the financial sector, utilities and all conglomerates, the innovation efficiency of companies with market capitalization above 5 billion USD was analyzed.

Based on innovation-relevant, measurable indicators, the companies are ranked according to their innovation score. The best are further examined during the next phase, fundamental analysis by AMG Fondsverwaltung AG. This is ultimately how Innovation World Large Caps by AMG stands: a fund of 30-40 of the world’s largest innovation-efficient companies.

The Innovation World Large Caps at a Glance

Investment Selection

  • Market capitalization above USD 5 billion
  • Minimum 500 employees
  • No financial institutions, utilities or conglomerates
  • The best innovation efficiency of the largest companies worldwide based on innovation indicators
  • Exceptional financial strength

> 500 Employees

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the fund is to outperform the benchmark “MSCI World ETF”.

Investor Profile

Innovation World Large Caps fund is suitable as an investment for risk-tolerant private and institutional investors. The fund is generally aimed at investors with a long-term investment horizon.


Companies are selected once a year. Rebalancing of the entire portfolio is carried out regularly throughout the year.


Fonds Details



Fund Manager and DistributionAMG Fondsverwaltung AG, Zug
Fund Administrator (ManCo)VP Bank Solutions (Luxemburg) SA
Custodian BankVP Bank (Luxemburg) SA
Investment Universelisted stocks worldwide (developed markets)
Legal Structurelux. UCITS (SICAV)
Recommended Investment Period3-5 Years
NAV Calculationtäglich
SubscriptionDaily, requests can be accepted until 12pm (noon) on subscription day, Pricing = NAV closing prices (same day)
Subscripton feeNone
RedemptionDaily, requests can be accepted until 12pm (noon) on subscription day, Pricing = NAV closing prices (same day)
Redemtion Feenone
Value Date2 days
Registered for SaleSUI, GER
Tax transparencySUI, AUT
Tax Status GermanyEquity Fund within the meaning of the German investment tax law (InvStG) with partial release
Management Fee (p.a.)1.00% (A USD and B CHF-abgesichert)
1.50% (C USD)
MiFID Fee for _Third-Party Research (p.a.)0.04 %
Fund Administration Fee (p.a.)0.10% max. degressively > EUR 50m AuM
Custodian Fee (p.a.)0.05 %
Additional Fix Costs (p.a.)Approx. EUR 25'000 (audit, publications, etc.)
Total Expense Ration (TER) (p.a.)n/a
ISIN, Valor (USD, Class A)LU2084863575, 51396624
ISIN, Valor (CHF Class B)LU2084868962, 51398653
ISIN, Valor (USD Class C)LU2084869424, 51398661
Utilisation of profitsincome reinvested
Reference CurrencyUSD

The fund is launched together with AMG Fondsverwaltung in Zug/Switzerland. The fund manager is AMG Fondsverwaltung.

AMG Fondsverwaltung