ALPORA Sustainable Technologies

The ALPORA Sustainable Technologies Fund was launched as a UCITS fund domiciled in Luxembourg in December 2020. It invests in global companies with high innovation efficiency. Innovation-efficient global companies with a market capitalization of more than 200 million euros, which are particularly active in the field of sustainable technologies were selected. These technologies include, for example, food, water, energy production, building technologies, health, recycling or mobility. The fund is denominated in EUR.

Investment in sustainable innovation efficiency

For the stock selection of the ALPORA Sustainable Technologies Fund, the well established ALPORA innovation approach is combined with a systematic sustainability assessment.

  • The basis is the universe of listed companies from the top 100 OECD industrialized countries in the current Transparency International list. The companies have a defined minimum market capitalization.
  • In the next step, ESG negative filtering is applied, excluding companies from non-sustainable industries such as alcohol, tobacco, or nuclear power.
  • Another positive filter selects companies which are active in defined ESG topics, e.g. water treatment, water filtration, renewable energy, recycling and environmental protection.
  • Companies with the best innovation efficiency and sustainability are analyzed. In addition to evaluating MSCI sustainability ratings, it is ensured that there are no serious violations of the 10 UN Global Compact criteria.
  • After a detailed fundamental analysis, the portfolio is created from 30-40 particularly innovative and sustainable stocks.

The ALPORA Sustainable Technologies Fund at a Glance

Investment Selection

  • Based on the OECD country criteria, the basic list of companies is created.
  • Industries and activities that do not comply with the ESG criteria are excluded.
  • In a next step, only companies that primarily invest in defined sustainable technologies are considered.
  • Assessment of the companies with the best innovation efficiency within the remaining universe.
  • Exceptional financial strength.

> 250 Employees

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the fund is, in addition to an annual fixed performance, to invest in companies that either operate sustainably, use sustainable technologies or develop sustainable products. Market risk can be reduced with a cash position of up to 20%.

Investor Profile

The ALPORA Sustainable Technologies Fund is suitable as an investment for risk-tolerant private and institutional investors. The fund is generally aimed at investors with a long-term investment horizon.


Companies are selected once a year. Rebalancing of the entire portfolio is carried out regularly throughout the year.



Fonds Details



ISIN / WKN / FondswährungLU2270686129 / A2QLEP / EuroLU2270686392 / A2QLEQ / EuroLU2270686715 / A2QLEU / Euro
Current Risk Class (SRRI 1 bis 7) 555
Distribution ApprovalGermany / Luxemburg / AustriaGermany / Luxemburg / AustriaGermany / Luxemburg / Austria
Minimum Investment------
Surcharge up to5,00 %0,00 %0,00 %
Price Calculation Frequencydailydailydaily
Issued 15.01.202115.01.202131.12.2020
Initial Price100,00 EUR100,00 EUR1.000,00 EUR
Financial Year31.12.2020 bis 30.04.202131.12.2020 bis 30.04.202131.12.2020 bis 30.04.2021
Earnings Appropriationdistributing
Management Inter-Portfolio
Management Fee1,15 %1,25 %0,65 %
Depositary Fee0,075 %0,075 %0,075 %
Total Expense Fee (p.a.)2,24 %1,59 %0,95 %

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