ALPORA Innovation Europe

The ALPORA Innovation Europe Fund was launched in October 2014 with its fund domicile in Switzerland. It invests in European blue chips across all sectors. Innovation-efficient companies in Europe with a market capitalization of more than 300 million euros and at least 500 employees were selected. Financial institutions and utilities are excluded. The fund is denominated in euros (EUR); a Swiss Franc (CHF) tranche is offered in parallel.

Investment in European innovation efficiency

The portfolio selection for the ALPORA Innovation Europe Fund was carried out based on ALPORA’s innovation selection together with AMG Fondsverwaltung AG.

For the Europe-centric fund, numerous companies were highlighted in the first step of the innovation efficiency assessment: Except for the financial sector, utilities and all conglomerates, the innovation efficiency of companies with market capitalization above 300 million euros was analyzed.

Those identified as the best based on innovation-relevant, measurable indicators make it to the shortlist for fundamental analysis with AMG Fondsverwaltung AG. This results in a fund of the 30 to 40 strongest stocks for the ALPORA Innovation Europe Fund.


Investment Selection

  • Market capitalization over 300 million euros
  • Minimum 500 employees
  • Budget for research and development at least 1 million euros
  • No financial institutions, utilities or conglomerates
  • The best innovation efficiency within the universe based on innovation indicators
  • Exceptional financial strength

> 500 Employees

Investment Objective

The investment objective of the fund is to outperform the benchmark “MSCI Europe Net Total Return Index”. Market risk can be reduced with a cash position of up to 20%.

Investor Profile

The ALPORA Innovation Europe Fund is suitable as an investment for risk-tolerant private and institutional investors. The fund is generally aimed at investors with a long-term investment horizon.


Companies are selected once a year. Rebalancing of the entire portfolio is carried out regularly throughout the year.



Fund Details