Innovation Funds

ALPORA Innovation funds are put together in a unique way not based on gut feeling, but through an analytical, data-driven selection process in which companies are evaluated according to their innovation efficiency.

Thus, each of our funds is thus built on the principle of investing in innovation and also covers different markets by selecting specific innovative stocks.



ALPORA Innovation EuropE

Alpora-Innovation-Europe - Regions

Investment Focus

The ALPORA Innovation Europe Fund was launched in October 2014 and invests in companies with a minimum market capitalization of 300 million euros and 500 employees. Financial institutions and utilities are excluded. The fund domicile is Switzerland.


ALPORA Global Innovation

Alpora-Global-Innovation - Regions

Investment Focus

The ALPORA Global Innovation Fund was launched in July 2016 and invests in companies in Europe, North America and Asian developed markets with a minimum market capitalization of 100 million euros and 250 employees, including utilities. The fund domicile is Germany.

> 250 Employees

Innovation World Large Cap

Innovation World Large Caps

Investment Focus

The Innovation World Large Caps by AMG fund was launched in December 2019 and invests globally in the largest companies in the developed markets. Financial companies and utilities are excluded. The fund domicile is Luxembourg.

> 500 Employees

ALPORA Sustainable Technologies

Sustainable Technologies

Investment Focus

The ALPORA Sustainable Technologies Fund was launched in December 2020 and invests worldwide in global companies in the field of sustainable technologies, with a minimum capitalization of 200 million euros and 250 employees. The fund domicile is Luxembourg.

> 250 Employees

Why Innovation Funds?

ALPORA’s methodology is based on the scientific finding that there is a direct correlation between a company’s innovation efficiency and its share price performance. In short, companies that focus efficiently on innovation perform better.

The multi-stage innovation selection process developed by ALPORA enables an individual innovation score to be calculated for each company, based on objective key figures. This enables ALPORA to select the companies that excel in maximum innovation efficiency – regardless of industry, size or region.