Harmonic Drive Systems Inc.

January 14th, 2022 Innovative Companies


January 2022

Japan-based Harmonic Drive Systems Inc. offers reduction gears in the pot, hollow-shaft, and rotary designs. It manufactures speed reducers used in industrial robots, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and other precision instruments. In addition, gear heads and harmonic drive actuators are also in the product line.

Focus on Innovation

The innovation focus is on the development of new products ranging from precision speed reducers and precision drives to control units. In the field of speed reducers, research, material development, structural analysis, and repeated endurance tests are continuously carried out. This with the aim of developing smaller and lighter mechanisms with high precision and high torque capacity. The results from the speed reducer field are then integrated with the in-house technologies for motors, sensors and control systems and applied to the mechatronic product line. In particular, to develop various actuators with special shapes and superior performance, as well as control systems to maximize their performance. Furthermore, the HDS Group is working on the development of ultra-precision processes, production technologies, and improved measurement methods.

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