Emerging Technology Outlook 2020+

January 27th, 2020 General, Innovation Insights

27 emergent fields of technology will shape the market in 2020.

This was the result of a big data analysis by the Swiss investment analytics company ALPORA, which is based in Zug, Switzerland. These trailblazing technologies include new approaches in personalized medicine, in-vitro foods, and emissions-free synthetic fuels. They will be able to improve the lives of numerous people worldwide and offer innovative companies significant market potential.

27 Next Big Things

The topics will be relevant tomorrow were already being developed yesterday – in the laboratories and idea factories of the scientific community. Hence, it is a prudent idea to critically analyze their publications in order to optimally prepare one’s own business for the future. ALPORA has done just that. With the aid of the big data analytics solution NETCULATOR, it has analyzed which topics in the technology sector are currently receiving the greatest amount of attention from the scientific community. For this purpose, 1,066 scientific publications published in 2019 were evaluated, with the focus being on new technologies. 27 fields of technology were identified. In particular, the topics of personalized medicine, in-vitro food, and emissions-free synthetic fuels are being discussed intensively in the media. 

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