Corporate success through Innovation & Sustainability Awareness | Part 2

November 11th, 2021 Past webinars


June 16th, 2021

Wednesday, 11:00 till 11:45


Two heads look at each other. In their brains are luminous technology symbols. They are both networked.
Would you like to learn what innovation and sustainability have in common?

In our webinar, we would like to illustrate the correlation with interesting examples from the practice. The duality of innovation and sustainability is already being used to ensure the competitiveness and future viability of companies and to shape sustainable development with product and process innovations. This requires innovation strategies that consider global challenges and pursue international sustainability goals.

Innovation and sustainability are closely linked and can positively influence ecological responsibility and economic success. Those companies that anchor these topics in their corporate strategies thereby increase the economic as well as the sustainability-oriented innovation success. This is also referred to as the duality of innovation and sustainability. The promising link between sustainability and innovation development will play an increasingly important role in the future to meet global requirements such as demographic change, resource scarcity, and increasing poverty.

Climate protection is also a global challenge and concerns us all. It should preserve our habitat and maintain our colorful biodiversity. Only sustainable solutions and innovative technologies can reduce global CO2 emissions, provide clean water and prevent pollution. ALPORA has carried out Big Data Analytics evaluations for this purpose and can show you how innovation and sustainability are correlated using practical examples.