Bavarian Nordic A/S

January 14th, 2022 Innovative Companies

ALPORA Innovation Europa

January 2022

Bavarian Nordic A/S is a biotechnology company headquartered in Denmark. The globally active company specializes in the research, development, and production of novel cancer immunotherapies and vaccines against infectious diseases and cancer. In addition, clinical materials are also produced in line with the health megatrend.

Focus on Innovation

The innovation focus is on the development of modular and proprietary vaccine technologies. Of particular note is the MVA-BN vaccine technology, which the company uses to ensure production of the MVA-BN smallpox vaccine and the MVA-BN filo against Ebola, as well as HPV, HIV, and hepatitis B vaccines. The smallpox vaccine, unlike the original smallpox vaccines, has the great advantage that the virus cannot spread in a vaccinated person.

For the independent production of live vaccines, Bavarian Nordic relies on a new filling and finishing plant as well as a cleanroom facility. This means that the company is now able to produce a wide range of vaccines independently and can offer its production services to third parties.

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