AddLife AB

December 20th, 2021 Innovative Companies

ALPORA Innovation Europa

December 2021

AddLife AB, which operates in the healthcare industry, is based in Stockholm, Sweden. The Company focuses primarily on selected niche segments in the market areas of diagnostics, medical technology, biomedical research, and laboratory analysis. They sell instruments, equipment, supplies, and related services mainly to hospitals.

Focus on Innovation

With the establishment and acquisition of market-leading niche companies in the life science sector, the innovation focus is on long-term growth, improved profitability, and sustainable development. The new companies must have what it takes to occupy leading niche positions. The long-term development of newly acquired companies also plays a central role. Namely, through economies of scope, new offerings and innovations can be developed, with collective know-how and a wide range of capabilities. AddLife attaches great importance to the sustainability megatrend and sets high standards for materials and production at all levels along the entire supply chain.

Every month ALPORA presents an ALPORA Top Innovator for each innovation fund. For each company, a detailed innovation analysis was carried out based on the ALPORA-Methods and the resulting innovation efficiency score was determined.