Both our innovation funds have received several awards since their start, and ALPORA itself through the use of innovative technologies, which allows us to identify innovative companies even more efficiently.

Awards for our Funds


The ALPORA Innovation Europa Fund is awarded the best possible Scope rating and wins the category: Best Fund – European Equities. The rating and the calculation of all key figures are based on data as of 31.10.2021. The subject of the ratings & calculations is the fund universe in Germany.

FWW FundStars Auszeichnung für die ALPORA AG. Die Bewertung ist fünf von fünf Sternen.


The FWW Fundstars give fund investors a quick and easy overview of how a fund has performed in terms of performance and price fluctuations compared to other funds in the same fund category. The best funds receive five stars, the worst 1 star. No stars are awarded to funds that are less than three years old.

The ALPORA Innovation Europa Fund has had the coveted 5-star ranking for several years.

AR Ranking Rendite 10% über 5 Jahre

Absolut Research

Absolut|Ranking is a monthly quantitative series measuring the performance of institutional mutual funds and asset managers. In total, Absolut|Ranking covers more than 17,000 institutional mutual funds from over 2,000 asset managers. The Absolut|Ranking is divided into 35 asset classes and over 180 universes and provides a quick overview of the best and worst asset managers in a broad selection of market segments.

The ALPORA Innovation Europa Fund leads various categories in the TOP 10. 

absolut research


The Morningstar Rating helps investors get an overview of the categories and funds that interest them. It provides a starting point for further analysis and should not be used as the sole basis for investment decisions.

The ALPORA Innovation Europa Fund has had the coveted 5-star ranking for several years.

Refinitiv Lipper Award

After Switzerland, another Refinitiv Lipper Fund Award for Germany:

Best fund in the category «Equities Europe» over the last 3 and 5 years.

Our ALPORA Innovation Europa Fund has been awarded with the coveted Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards 2022 for Switzerland and now also for Germany for the third time in a row.

We have been rewarded

IBS Intelligence

The 2020 IBS Innovation Awards are designed to identify and recognize technology players and banks for their outstanding achievements in driving the impact of banking technology implementations and innovations using new technologies.
ALPORA was recognized as the winner of the Analytics Deployment category in 2020.