About Us

The basic idea of ALPORA has been developed over years by the interdisciplinary founding team during scientific research and economic consulting: Using innovation power as a success factor of companies to enable innovation investment.

¬†This led to the development of methods for identifying the most innovation-efficient companies in a market on the basis of objective criteria. And today, ALPORA’s innovation funds are founded on the innovation selection process, which incorporates insights, experience and procedures that enable a unique edge.


The left side of the image is colored in red with the title "Award". The right side in gray depicts a handle pot trophy.

Both our innovation funds have received several awards since their inception, as well as ALPORA itself through the use of innovative technologies, which allows us to identify innovative companies even more efficiently.

On the right half of the picture you can see young businessmen with their hands, which they put together on top of each other.You look down from above and partly see their shoes. The left side is colored red with the title "Cooperation".

ALPORA can only remain an expert in innovation if we also live innovation. Cooperations have a great influence on our agility and flexibility because they always provide new impulses, challenges and opportunities.

The left side of the image is colored red with the title "Publication". In the background you can see an old library with two reading chairs in the front and a spacious wall of books.

ALPORA’s strong scientific foundation is also reflected in the number of publications on our topics.

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Here you will find references to existing mentions of ALPORA in the press as well as opportunities and resources for members of the press.