Technologies & Innovations Around Water

ALPORA publishes findings of global research on specific topics on a regular basis. Research clusters are identified using quantitative Methods. This time we analyse scientific publications in the research field: Water

Here you can download the complete report: Innovation Insight – Water  

When people think about innovation the first thing that comes to their mind is probably the invention of the PC or the smartphone, but not water. Yet it would be unthinkable to provide eight billion people on earth with sufficient food and clean water without developing and applying innovative technologies in the field of water. Less spectacular but perhaps even more urgent is the counterfeit-proof tracing of food supply chains and new water treatment technologies using microalgae and nanomaterials.

In the current Innovation Insight, the following technology fields are described in more detail.
– Water treatment
– Algae biotechnology
– Water membrane technology

The assortment represents only a small selection of the identified research clusters currently operating in the water sector. The list of the entire clusters was created using big-data analysis of the NETCULATOR system.

Here you can download the complete report: Innovation Insight – Water