February 2020 – Gamma Communications PLC

Gamma Communication PLC is an english telecommunications service provider based in Newbury, England. The product portfolio includes UCaaS-products (Unified Communications as a Service), such as voice, data and mobile services, primarily for SME´s.

The innovation focus is on the digitalization of company-wide communication. One example is Internet telephony or hPBE (hosted Private Branch Exchange). On the one hand, telephone lines can be connected via IP to any desired voice connection using cloud-based SIP trunking (Session Initation Protocol). On the other hand, internal transmission infrastructures enable customers to use multimedia services such as voice, video and cloud-based/SaaS applications. This allows collaborative tools with end-to-end encryption to be used worldwide between internal branch offices and partners. These technological trends are increasingly replacing the use of traditional fixed-line or mobile connections.

Gamma is the leading provider of UCaaS products in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Now Gamma wants to further expand its market share on the european mainland.