DBV Technolgies – January 2020

The French DBV Technologies SA, based in Bagneux near Paris, is a biopharmaceutical company that develops products and immunotherapies for the diagnosis and treatment of various food allergies. DBV Technologies focuses primarily on its proprietary development “Viaskin”, for the administration of allergens or antigens to intact skin without the need for blood transfusions. 
DBV Technologies’ other innovation activities are focused on the development of new biopharmaceutical products for the treatment of allergies. DBV Technologies has a robust clinical development program, which includes ongoing clinical trials with Viaskin Peanut and Viaskin Milk and the preclinical development of Viaskin Egg. The development pipeline currently comprises 8 different developments, two of which have been granted “Fast Track” status by the US FDA. 
With its innovative solutions for the treatment of allergies, DBV Technologies is responding to the growing proportion of (food) allergies in the population and can offer novel treatment options. DBV Technologies is thus active in a market that is expected to see a long-term increase in demand.  
DBV Technologies is one of the top innovators in the ALPORA Global Innovation Fund. The 30-50 particularly innovative companies in the fund are selected using a unique, quantitative procedure, the ICA method (Innovation Capability Analytics).