Craneware PLC – December 2019

Craneware PLC, with headquarters in Edinburgh and Atlanta, develops and distributes invoicing software analysis tools with a focus on the US healthcare sector. The software automates the verification process, helps to generate cash flow and revenue, and ensures reliable transmission of claims and management of compliance risk.
Craneware’s innovation activities focus on developing new software modules that support processes in healthcare facilities and help to increase their efficiency. One focus of development is to monitor margins and costs per patient by continuously analysing patient activities and treatments so that rapid action can be taken and adjustments made if necessary. This includes, for example, the “Trisus Healthcare Intelligence” solution, which consolidates and evaluates financial, clinical and operational data on a patient-specific basis. This can increase the cost efficiency of hospitals.

With its innovative software solutions, Craneware is thus responding to the increasing regulatory requirements in the (US) healthcare market and is therefore well equipped for future market changes. Craneware is one of the top innovators in the ALPORA Global Innovation Fund. The 30-50 particularly innovative companies in the fund are selected using a unique, quantitative procedure, the ICA method (Innovation Capability Analytics).