Nordic Waterproofing – November 2019

Every month, ALPORA AG publishes a Top Innovator based on its innovation analyses. This month the innovation focal points of Nordic Waterproofing are presented: Swedish Nordic Waterproofing develops and sells innovative waterproofing solutions, products and systems for buildings and infrastructure in Denmark, Finland and Sweden.
Nordic Waterproofing’s innovation activities focus on the development of new solutions for roofing products (waterproofing products for flat roofs, pitched roofs, bridge membranes and roof accessories), new building products (building products such as substrates, moisture and wind barriers, tarpaulins, geomembranes and foundation slabs) and new EPDM products (water and weather protection solutions based on ethylene-propylene-diene (monomer) rubber) for buildings and other types of structures as well as for cladding applications. The main focus of the innovation activities is on increasing the resistance and service life of the seals, minimizing installation costs and, in particular, optimizing logistics processes.
Nordic Waterproofing is thus responding to the increasing demands of the construction industry and is well equipped for future changes in the construction sector.
Nordic Waterproofing is one of the top innovators in the ALPORA Global Innovation Fund. The 30-50 particularly innovative companies in the fund are selected using a unique quantitative approach, the ICA method (Innovation Capability Analytics)