Broadcom – September 2019

The American Broadcom is a semiconductor company based in San Jose, California. Broadcom manufactures analog and digital, mixed-signal and opto-electronics products, with the focus on conventional III-V compound semiconductors in addition to the usual CMOS technology. Its FBAR filters are used in mobile phones and WLAN solutions. Broadcom owns approximately 16,500 patents.

Broadcom’s innovation activities are very technologically focused with the development of new semiconductor-based solutions for analog and digital technology, optoelectronics, etc. These include 100GbE BCM88650 Switch and BCM87550 Fabric, which provide terabit connectivity from the edge to the core of communication Enable networks.

Furthermore, work is being done to increase energy efficiency. For example, the 10GBASE-T PHY reduced power consumption by up to 50%. Its diverse product portfolio includes: semiconductor for set-top / CMTS, cable modems and PON / DSL, Ethernet NICs, filters and amplifiers, ASIC, wireless connectivity solutions, embedded processors, HDD / SSD controllers, SAS / SATA / Fiber Channel for Company connectivity, switches and routers for data centers, optical isolation / motion encoders / LEDs and fiber optic solutions. With its innovative product portfolio, Broadcom is therefore responding to the megatrend of the Internet of Things and is thus well prepared for future requirements in the telecommunications sector.

Broadcom is part of the top innovators in the ALPORA Global Innovation Fund. The 30-50 innovative companies in the fund are selected through a unique, quantitative approach, the ICA method (Innovation Capability Analytics).