Fingerprint Cards – July 2019

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Fingerprint Cards AB is a biometrics company active in the development, manufacture and distribution of biometric systems.  This includes both fingerprint sensors used in smartphones, building access control systems, credit cards, as well as face recognition software.  Fingerprint Cards’ solutions can be used not only for authentication, for instance when entering buildings or starting vehicles, but also to authorize payments.

The innovation activities of the firm Fingerprint Cards are very technologically driven and are focused on the development of new fingerprint and face recognition sensor solutions.  For instance, it is important to keep the power consumption of the sensors as low as possible, to reduce the time taken to detect the fingerprint or face, and at the same time increase security so that unauthorized access to the solutions is not possible. For example, Fingerprint Cards’ “FPC Quicktouch” technology allows a fingerprint to be correctly recognized and verified in less than 0.3 seconds.  Each time the fingerprint sensor is used, the algorithm is trained, which means that its reliability continually increases the more the customer uses the technology. Due to its innovation activities, the company Fingerprint Cards is well prepared for increasing future demand for authorization solutions in various areas.

The company Fingerprint Cards is one of the top innovators in the ALPORA Global Innovation Fund.  The fund’s top 30-50 particularly innovative companies are selected using a unique quantitative strategy, the ICA (Innovation Capability Analytics) method.