Equinor – May 2019

The Norwegian company Equinor ASA domiciled in Stavanger is an energy company and implements oil, gas, wind and solar energy projects, offshore activities, and exploration services. The innovative activities of Equinor take place along the entire value creation chain. This includes the (further) development of conveying methods by means of process innovations, whereby the focus is particularly on increasing cost efficiency.

Equinor also strongly gears its innovative activities towards the renewable energy sector. As part of its Hywind solution, Equinor develops floating offshore wind turbines, for example. Because 80% of the areas suitable for generating wind energy are located in deep water, such floating wind turbines are of great importance where a sustainable energy supply is concerned. “Hywind Scotland”, a wind farm realized by Equinor, is the first fully functional floating wind farm worldwide. In this context, Equinor can put its decades of experience in the offshore sector to good use and hence drive forward the construction of floating offshore wind farms more rapidly and efficiently than other market participants.

Apart from generating ideas internally, there is also the Statoil Innovate program which is designed to pointedly cooperate with research institutions and major as well as small companies. In this program, campaigns for specific issues are initiated in a targeted fashion and external stakeholders are motivated to generate ideas and suggest solutions. One example is the Hywind facility, a targeted search for measures to increase efficiency during the assembly and installation of wind turbines.

With its innovative activities, in particular in the renewable energy sector, Equinor is well-equipped to contribute to a global energy supply that will be geared more strongly towards sustainability in the future.