Eni S.p.A. – April 2019

Eni S.p.A. is an Italian energy and oil company based in Rome, which is active in the fields of oil, natural gas, electricity generation, petrochemicals, engineering and oil field services. Eni’s innovation activities are focused primarily on generating process innovations and developing new technologies for use in Eni-internal processes.

For example, in the field of energy transition, these include activities to develop technologies for the storage and/or reuse of CO2. The technologies developed in this context allow, for example, the CO2 produced in vehicles’ combustion engines to be directly separated and stored in liquid or compressed form. Subsequently, the CO2 that has been separated can be used for the production of polymers, especially polycarbonates, or converted into liquid methane. In turn, liquid methane is easy to transport and widely used in the chemical industry as an intermediate and as a direct fuel. 
In the field of radical innovations, Eni is working with MIT in the United States on the realization of fusion reactors for clean and highly efficient power generation through nuclear fusion. In this context, Eni has participated at MIT in the spin-off Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) to develop the first commercial fusion reactor.


Eni has recognized the need for a sustainable and clean energy supply and, with its innovation activities, is thus active in an area of increasing future importance.