The German company PVA Tepla develops, produces, and distributes installations for the manufacturing and finishing of materials, e.g. for the semiconductor, carbide, electronics, and optics industries.
PVA Tepla’s innovative activities therefore have a very strong technological focus. In the vacuum & high technology segment, PVA Tepla develops high-temperature vacuum systems for sintering, joining, welding, and melting high-grade materials such as tantalum and molybdenum. In the crystal growing segment, installations are developed for growing high-quality crystals for the semiconductor industry, high-power electronics, and the photovoltaics and electronics industries. The focus here is on constantly improving the quality of the materials produced or finished, as well as optimizing the process workflows where efficiency and costs are concerned. This is also achieved, for example, thru new solutions for quality inspection utilizing ultrasound, optical, laser, and VPD technologies, which enable the non-destructive measuring and inspection of materials and components and which are offered by PVA Tepla. In the plasma technology sector, systems are also being developed which utilize plasma nitriding technology to increase the wear and corrosion resistance of metal components subjected to mechanical stress.

As part of its innovative activities, PVA Tepla also maintains a close relationship with partners from research and industry in order to benefit from external know-how.With its innovative technologies, PVA Tepla is well-equipped to play a significant role, particularly in fields of growing importance such as the energy, photovoltaics, and environmental technology industries.

PVA Tepla is among the top innovators in the ALPORA Global Innovation Fund. The fund’s top 30-50 particularly innovative companies are selected using a unique quantitative procedure, the ICA (Innovation Capability Analytics) method.