Gooch & Housego – February 2019

Headquartered in Ilminster, in the south of England, Gooch & Housego PLC is a British company active in the development, production and distribution of optical precision components, customized glass technology structures, acousto-optical devices and optical radiation measuring instruments. The company is active in Europe and the US. Gooch & Housego products are used in a variety of sectors, including aerospace, industry, life sciences and scientific research.

Gooch & Housego’s innovation activities are clearly technology-focused. This includes, for example, new acousto-optical modulators with which light intensities can be regulated extremely precisely. As part of its research and development activities, Gooch & Housego works closely with leading scientists, pursuing a scientifically driven approach. First, models are constructed and then checked for validity using empirical data. Gooch & Housego thus follows a very structured research and development approach. To this end, Gooch & Housego operates eight development centers in the United Kingdom and the US.

Gooch & Housego’s development focus in the field of photonics focuses on improvements in terms of wavelength, speed, power and intensity. This includes, for example,

  • expanding optical coverage in both the deep UV (ultraviolet) and the long-wave infrared range
  • developing coatings with a higher damage threshold
  • increasing load limits for high-speed detectors

The innovations developed are also protected by consistent patenting. Gooch & Housego, with its innovative optical precision technologies, is well prepared for new innovation and technology trends of the future that often require the involvement of photonics in development and production.