Eutelsat – January 2019

Paris-based Eutelsat Communications is a French satellite operator with 38 satellites currently in geostationary orbit.  The company offers television and radio broadcasting, video broadcasting, corporate networks, internet access and mobile communications.  Eutelsat operates in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, North America, Eastern and South America.

Eutelsat has a long history of innovation, focusing primarily on highly technology-driven product innovation. Innovations focus, for example, on technologies for better data transmission via satellites, e.g. “SmartBeam”, a solution to enable multi-screen TV via smartphone or tablet. Especially in the mobility sector, which will become even more relevant in the future, Eutelsat’s innovations are of great importance, for example, to be able to precisely localize and control (autonomously driving) vehicles, including in the marine and aviation sectors.

Thanks to its innovative technologies and its large number of active satellites, Eutelsat is well-prepared for the future requirements of the autonomous driving and Industry 4.0 megatrends.

Eutelsat Communications is among the top innovators in the ALPORA Global Innovation Fund. The fund’s 30-50 particularly innovative companies are selected via a unique quantitative procedure, the ICA (Innovation Capability Analytics) method.