TransDigm Group – September 2018

The American TransDigm Group headquartered in Cleveland, USA, is actively involved in the development, production, and distribution of aircraft components. The company produces ignition systems & components, geared pumps, mechanical & electromechanical actuators & control systems, NiCad batteries & chargers, fuel mixture devices, hold open rods and locking solutions, technical connectors & locks, cockpit safety devices, and AC/DC electric motors.

The innovative activities of the TransDigm Group are focused primarily on the generation of product innovations. As a global manufacturer, TransDigm is constantly forced to improve its technologies and the design of technical aircraft and aerospace components and other systems. To do so, TransDigm capitalizes on collaborations with other companies as well as research institutes in a targeted fashion in order to benefit from external know-how. For example, TransDigm works with airplane manufacturers and systems suppliers in order to develop solutions and innovations which reduce weight, increase reliability, and improve the efficiency of the aircraft. This also includes activities in the field of rapid prototyping. In this approach, ideas for new components and products are realized as prototypes as quickly as possible, and the technical and economic success potential of the respective idea is evaluated based on the prototype. This allows agility to be increased during development, and also allows customer feedback to be integrated more rapidly into the developmental process.

With its innovative components, the TransDigm Group assists airlines with increasing their efficiency, which means that it is active in a field of growing importance.